Friday, June 27, 2014

Presque Fini...

      Woah. I'm sitting here looking back at my last blog post and it feels like I wrote it yesterday. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by! I'm finally finished with school. The last trimestre was intense, with lots of evaluations and homework. Especially because my grade was preparing for the Brevet, a super important end of the year test. We had our last kayak session and everyone jumped into the water. (It's so hot here now during the day! Summer has arrived!) I'm a part of the graduating class so there were lots of celebrations in the final week. On Thursday, all the 3eme students participated in a big handball tournament, where each team dressed up with a certain theme. My team's theme was "hippie", and we won out of all the girls' teams!! Whooo! Friday was the school-wide talent show, which I helped film, and the last day of school. It was, of course, bittersweet, because I had to say goodbye to lots of people who I've become close with over the semester. I'm so grateful to all my classmates who helped (and tolerated) me at the beginning, when my French was truly awful. So much has changed but it wouldn't have been the same without their support.

      To kick off the summer, there have been lots of music festivals. My host sister plays in a band so I've gotten to see some of her shows, which have been great! I also visited Lorient for a few days, which was nice. It's the only place in France I've been to that is very modern, because it was totally destroyed in the war. So it was interesting to see, and very different from where I've been living. Other than that, I've been going to the beach a lot with my family... The beaches in Bretagne are so incredible!


      I'm trying not to count how many days I have left here, because I reeeeally don't want to leave! Obviously I'm excited to see my friends and family, all of that, but I've gotten so comfortable here, with my family, and the language, and just everything, and I'm not ready to go. I will never forget the experiences I've had here. I'm so so sooo lucky to have had this opportunity, and I really want to thank everyone who made it possible. But it's not over yet!! I will write a post when I get home, reflecting on my amazing time here and everything I've gained from it. So until then!!


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